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HAVANA [url=]Cheap Air Max Vapormax Outlet[/url] , Sept. 11 (Xinhua) -- Cuba plans to field between 540 and 560 athletes at the upcoming Central American and Caribbean Games, to be held in Mexico's Gulf Coast state of Veracruz.

The delegation currently numbers some 472 athletes, but that number will increase as the former regional sports powerhouse tries to regain its standing after missing the 2010 games in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, state daily Granma reported.

Norge Marrero [url=]Cheap Air Max 2018 Outlet[/url] , director for high performance sports at the Cuban Sports Institute (INDER), told the daily specialists in track and field, swimming and skating would be joining the delegation.

"We are only waiting for the official ratification of the marks required for the Central American and Caribbean event," he said.

Cuba's goal, said Marrero [url=]Cheap Air Max 2017 Outlet[/url] , is to take from 540 to 560 athletes, who will be participating in 34 sporting events, and competing for 324 of the 443 medals being contested.

Marrero lamented the country's absence from more than 120 competitions, but said he was "optimistic Cuba will be able to reconquer its place at the top of the world's oldest regional games," Granma said.

The definitive list of athletes will be announced by Oct. 14 [url=]Cheap Air Max Outlet[/url] , the deadline for registering athletes for the games, said the official.

The Central American and Caribbean Games, from Nov. 14 to 30, will be the main competition for the island' s athletes in 2014.

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