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It is almost inevitable that cheap nike shoes on sale , whatever type of publications we create, they will not be unique. Thus, for example, if we use InDesign to create newsletters, we will want to reproduce a consistent looking publication with each issue. Creating an InDesign template offers us a simple technique for generating multiple documents with a consistent look and feel. A template is a core document which contains all the main resources and common page layouts required in each version of a given publication and which can be used as the starting point each time a new edition of the publication is created. Templates can contain a number of essential elements.

If the number of pages required by the publication is always the same nike shoes on sale clearance , the pages can be included in the template and any common layouts created. So, for example, if the font page of a newsletter has a masthead and an “In This Month’s Issue” section, they can be added to the template using a mixture of final and placeholder items. InDesign has a nifty way of generating placeholder text. Simply position the cursor in a text box and from the Text menu, choose Fill With Placeholder Text.

All of the various types of style which InDesign allows users to create can also be included in a template. Almost all documents benefit by the use of styles and InDesign’s use of styles is extremely sophisticated. For formatting text nike shoes on sale womens , you can create paragraph and character styles. Object styles can be created for formatting text and graphic frames. There are also cell styles for formatting table cells and Table styles for formatting the table as a whole. Any styles defined in the template will automatically be available in all documents based on the template, ensuring consisting formatting throughout.

For longer documents master pages can also be included in the template. Master pages offer a way of standardising the layout of document pages and including elements which are common to all pages, either in one section of the document or within the document as a whole. InDesign even allows you to create a hierarchy of master pages; so, for example, you might have one key master upon which several subordinate master pages could be based.

The use of colour can also be standardised by including colour definitions in the templates. Colour definitions are called swatches in InDesign and each swatch definition represents a modifiable representation of the colour which will be printed wherever that swatch is applied.

Having set up all of these elements nike shoes on sale 50 off , to convert your document to a template, just choose File – Save As and set the document type to InDesign Template rather than InDesign Document. To create a file from a template, simply choose File – Open and double-click the name of the template. Since the document is a template, InDesign will simply generate a copy of the template; so that, when you save the document nike shoes on sale china , the template will not be overwritten.

To learn more about InDesign training courses, visit Macresource Computer Training, an independent computer training company offering InDesign training courses in London and throughout the UK.

Seniors rest at a IKEA store in Beijing. (PhotoChinanews)

IKEA's two Beijing stores said they will not follow suit after IKEA Shanghai's Xuhui store launched an "order food first, then take a seat" measure to better manage its canteen starting from Oct. 5.

Previous Chinese media reports said many single seniors came to the canteen on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the hopes of finding a potential partner.

According to a notice released by the Xuhui store, the measure was taken after customers complained that some elderly people were occupying tables for excessive periods nike shoes on sale online , talking too loudly, bringing in their own food, and even quarreling or fighting.

The company had taken various measures to try and improve the situation, but to no avail. "The situation had already adversely affected the dining experience and security of most of its customers, and also had negative implications for the canteen's operation nike shoes on sale ," IKEA stated.

An employee with IKEA Beijing's Siyuanqiao store said that despite facilitating occasional matchmaking among individual senior citizens, they had never come in large groups or caused any problems like those seen in Shanghai.

A marketing employee at IKEA Beijing also confirmed the two stores in Beijing had not experienced any problems in their canteens, so there was no need to impose restrictions.

Jia Jia

The world’s oldest-ever panda in captivity has been euthanized because her health was deteriorating rapidly in the past two weeks.

Hong Kong Ocean Park said a veterinarian euthanized 38-year-old Jia Jia yesterday evening to prevent further suffering and for ethical reasons.

Guinness World Records recognized Jia Jia as the oldest giant panda to live in captivity. The average lifespan for a panda in the wild is 18 to 20 years, while in captivity it’s 30 years, according to Guinness.

Born in the wild , Jia Jia was taken to live at a breeding center in southwestern China’s Sichuan Province in 1980, when she was around 2.

Died at the age of 38, about 114 years old in human terms, the female panda had lost sharply her food consumption from more than 10 kg to less than 3 kg per day, according to a spokeswoman from the theme park.

Jia Jia had spent less time awake and shown no interest in food or fluids for the past few days. The panda’s condition worsened yesterday morning when she was unable to walk and spent the day lying down.

Leo Kung Lin-cheng cheap nike shoes from china on sale , Ocean Park’s chairman, said Jia Jia was a member of their family who had spent 17 wonderful years with Hong Kong people, and she will be deeply missed.

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