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What altogether different can a newcomer expect with a successful Facebook campaign this way? The “Send to a friend application” makes it simple and easy to connect with somebody that too in a manner that is all fun; that says, “featuring Wisconsin Provolone, Italian beef……. is sure to blow your tastebuds away. It was a loud and clear invite, giving you a “send for a friend” option with regular like and comments which can be the unique sales propositions of Facebook.

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Home > Stay at Home DadsFurnished Suites for Vacation in Calgary: A Home Away From Home

Posted by johnball14 in Home on November 18th, 2016

Home away from home - A place where one is as happy, relaxed, or comfortable as in one’s own home.

Business, work, adventure, and leisure are the top four reasons for which people travel around the globe to different nations and often, within a nation as well. We depend upon the needs of others (of prospective customers) for our survival and others depend on us for our services. It is this inter-dependency that keeps the world running.

Hospitality industry (that includes the hotels, restaurants, and other service providers) basically functions on the concept of providing the home-like services away from home. Every city and even the suburban regions have a heavy presence of this industry and the presence is only increasing with time. Even though all the hotels and the stay inns project an image of providing the best in the industry services, the reality is far from these claims. Here’s why

In most of the hotels and other room-rentals, the maintenance and the upkeep is not even close to what one usually expects. Due to increasing competition and abundance of hotels around the cities, many of the hotels function on zero or minimal profits.
Due to the lack of finance the hotels, on most occasions, lack the minimum number of staff members to run the services smoothly and resulting in a poor experience for the customers.
The absence of personalized attention, convenience, and the basic amenities spoils your mood and the short trip that you’re on, becomes intolerable.
The freedom and the privacy that one looks for is more often than not missing from these clumsy hotel rooms.
Most cities are facing a space crunch today and thus, most of the buildings are constructed in tightly packed spaces. This leaves no difference between the tall office buildings and the shrinking yet taller hotel buildings.

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