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On Thursday Authentic T.Y. Hilton Jersey , Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers expressed disappointment that his contract extension wasn’t finalized before training camp opened. But he made it clear that he didn’t consider holding out, explaining that he doesn’t “operate that way.”

If Rodgers, who currently is making an average of $22 million per year, ever chooses to “operate that way,” he’d quickly get the $30-million-or-more-per-year contract he deserves.

Sure, the easiest and cleanest leverage for a player is to choose to hold out. Get-off-my-lawn rants from Bill Polian types regarding the sanctity of a “contract” notwithstanding, the broader contract governing the management-labor relationship gives the player the right to withhold services by staying away from training camp.

But the Collective Bargaining Agreement, which makes it easy (though not cheap, given the $40,000 in daily fines) to not show up, makes it harder to apply pressure in other ways. For example Authentic Odell Beckham Jr Jersey , a player showing up and then abruptly leaving almost never happens in a contract dispute, because the team can squeeze him into coming back with a so-called “five-day letter.” If he doesn’t show up within five days (duh) after getting the five-day letter, the team can put him on the reserve/left squad list, shutting him down for the year and bumping his remaining contract to the next year.

Rodgers would be one of the few players who could pull off a walkout, however, because the Packers wouldn’t be dumb enough to shut him down for the full season and hand the baton to someone like DeShone Kizer or Brett Hundley. While the ultimate boss move from Rodgers would invite plenty of scrutiny and criticism, Rodgers has made it clear that: (1) getting a new deal is “important to me”; and (2) he’s trying to focus exclusively on getting ready for the season. So if he gets to the point where the looming contract becomes too much of a distraction, he simply needs to leave camp, check into a local hotel, and wait for the money to flow in his direction.

The problem in the ongoing negotiations, as a source with knowledge of the situation explained it to PFT Womens Clay Matthews Jersey , is that the Packers are approaching the talks in a bland and traditional way, while Rodgers’ representatives are trying to be more creative. And that disconnect is what’s keeping the deal from getting done.

Short of packing up and leaving the Packers (until the contract is finished), Rodgers has other options. He can be more aggressive and candid in his comments to the media. He can turn the team against the front office with comments made privately to other players. He can be difficult in a passive-aggressive way with the coaching staff.

He also can (and possibly will) dismiss these various possibilities as “crap,” and that’s fine. He’s trying to strike a delicate balance on this one, hoping to get the financial package he deserves without becoming what fans will dub the latest greedy, selfish, ungrateful athlete who isn’t happy with the millions he has.

Here’s the problem: The current strategy isn’t working. To get the deal done, Rodgers needs to do something more. And there’s a full range of options, up to an including telling the Cheeseheads “smell ya later” and waiting maybe one or two days for the cash to fall from the sky.

Ever since the Rams came home to Los Angeles two seasons ago, a big segment of their long-faithful local fan base has pleaded with them to dress better.

The Rams have listened to their fans' pleas, and now the NFL is allowing them to wear their classic blue-and-yellow uniforms five times at the Coliseum this season.

The Rams will don the franchise's traditional uniforms in their final five home games this season Womens Adrian Peterson Jersey , chief operating officer Kevin Demoff announced Friday to a thrilled throng of Rams supporters at training camp.

"I'm excited for our fans, because their voice was heard in the NFL office," Demoff said. "We're glad that we were able to deliver for them."

The Rams' uniform choices have attracted uncommon scrutiny since mere days after the team announced its return to California in 2016. Most local fans fondly remember the Rams in their royal blue jerseys with yellow pants, which the Rams wore from 1973 until 1999.

The St. Louis Rams won the Super Bowl in the white version of that uniform, but swapped out that color scheme the next season in favor of a navy-and-gold look. The Rams tweaked their look when they moved back to LA, and the Rams wore a hybrid look last season that resembled the blue-and-white look worn by the Los Angeles Rams from 1964-72, but with accents of the St. Louis gold.

The Rams adopted the classic blue-and-yellow look as their throwback uniform when they moved home, and they've worn it in two home games apiece over their first two seasons in the Coliseum. Their fans wanted more, and they're getting it.

"(The NFL) understood our fans' requests about why we wanted to wear throwbacks more," Demoff said. "They saw the passion. We sent them all the letters, all the discussion from last year."

The Rams essentially were allowed to swap out their current navy-blue jerseys for their throwbacks for four games during the upcoming season. The team spent several games last season wearing what appeared to be mismatched navy jerseys and pants Womens C.J. Mosley Jersey , and fans were fed up.

They'll also swap their current white-horned helmets for gold horns while wearing the throwbacks. The Rams' headgear also is historic: they have the first NFL helmets ever to feature a logo, after halfback Fred Gehrke painted the horns onto the leather helmets in 1948.

After the NFL agreed to the switch this week, the Rams will wear the royal blue jerseys with yellow ram horns around the shoulders in five of their seven home games. Their eighth "home" game is in Mexico City, where the Rams will wear their yellow "Color Rush" alternate uniforms.

The Rams will wear their current white home jerseys in their two preseason home games and their first two regular-season games at the Coliseum in September. That decision will force their opponents to wear colored jerseys in the hottest temperatures of the season.

The team also will wear the blue-and-yellow gear with roughly the same frequency in 2019, Demoff said.

But this franchise's uniform saga is far from over.

The Rams have long planned to unveil new uniforms when they move into their palatial new stadium in Inglewood for the 2020 season. Demoff indicated the new look is likely to be "a blend" of the classic and the new.

"Certainly we know where the fans' passion on colors and uniforms are," Demoff said. "But we want to make sure we walk into the world's newest and most modern stadium with a uniform design that is reflective of our history, but also reflects the building that we've just constructed."

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