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Updated June 7th Post

Ben Corliss
This post was updated on Jun 28, 2018; 10:33am.
Collection large, desire to unload a few before leaving island. Included a couple more firearms.

Will consider all reasonable offers.

NEW - Sig Legion P226 call or WhatsApp for price.
Sig MCX call or WhatsApp for price.
CZ 75, 9MM call or WhatsApp for price.

Listed below are negotiable to a reasonable extent.

HK, VP 9 FDE/9mm $700
HK, USP Compact/.40 $800
Armalite 15TAC18 -$1600
Sig M400 SWAT - $1600
FN FNX .45 Cal, FDE, Tactical - $1300
Mossberg 930 Tactical FDE - $800
Rugar American Full/9mm - $600

727-0866, or WhatsApp