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Barbara Woodward holds her first press conference in Beijing since taking office [url=]Brian Allen Youth Jersey[/url] , on March 18. (PhotoBeijing News)
Barbara Woodward, the first female British Ambassador to China in 40 years of diplomatic relations, has held her first press conference in Beijing since taking office.

Woodward is one of the few UK diplomats with a rich experience with China, British media say. According to the Chinese-language newspaper Beijing Times, she made a ten-minute speech in Chinese at the news conference.

About 30 years ago, a young Woodward already showed great interest in China. She made her first trip to the country in 1986, and worked for two years as an English teacher at Wuhan University and then Nankai University.

She joined the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in 1994 and worked at the British embassy in China from 2003 to 2009.

Her Chinese Name, Wu Baina, was given by one of her London teachers, who was familiar with Chinese culture. "Woodward" is similar in sound to the Chinese surname "Wu", and Barbara sounds close to "Baina," which literally means "adopting a hundred".

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has previously voiced his hope that Woodward will help bring China-UK ties to a new stage in the spirit of "hai (sea) na (adopt) bai (hundred) chuan (river)", meaning "all rivers run into the sea" or "the sea refuses no river". Woodward says she hopes to live up to her Chinese name.

She also says political and economic ties as well as exchanges between the two cultures are the three pillars of UK-China ties and her job is to consolidate development in the three areas.

One of her priorities is to promote economic and trade ties between the two countries, she adds. Trade volumes with China still fall far behind those with Germany, but she is convinced there is big potential in economic and trade cooperation with China, she told the paper.

The UK also wants to contribute its expertise in infrastructure, investment and international financial cooperation to the Beijing-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, and participate in setting rules and sharing experience with the other parties during the bank's infant stage.

by Maria Spiliopoulou

ATHENS, Sept. 5 (Xinhua) -- A total of 103 refugees and migrantswere rescued on Tuesday off Crete island, Greek national newsagency AMNA reported, as activists protested EU policy on therefugee-migration crisis on the Acropolis hill here.

The nationalities of the 103 people who were on board the woodenboat have not been identified yet, but local authorities said theyhad all been safely transferred to Herakleion port.

A European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex) plane andfive boats took part in the search and located the boat when apassenger made a distress call to the European emergency number112, according to AMNA.

Against this backdrop, banners raised by a small group of localLeftist activists in front of the Parthenon temple read: "Ferriesnot Frontex."

Protesters who posed with plastic boats like the ones thousandsof refugees have used to cross the Mediterranean Sea since 2015,called on European member states to open their borders and createsafe passage for incoming refugees instead of a building a"fortress" around Europe.

Other banners showed slogans calling for statesmen toacknowledge the refugees' right to stay and freedom ofmovement.

More than 1 million people have reached Greece mainly fromTurkey's shores since early 2015 to continue their journey on toother European countries.

Following the deaths of thousands of people in theMediterranean, EU member states stepped up efforts to shape acommon strategy to address the crisis.

In autumn 2015, they launched a relocation program to ease theburden for Greece and Italy, while in spring 2016 after the closureof borders along the Balkan route, they made an agreement withTurkey to stem the influx via the Aegean Sea.

The flows via the Aegean Sea were dramatically decreased overthe past year and smuggling rings shifted to northern Africancountries, sending boats towards Italy. Enditem

Cool vehicle it is actually but McLaren F1 is much more than everybody’s ordinary cool car. It’s a supercar that has marked the history of automobile. This supercar is endowed using the most immaculate engineering approaches inside the time it was designed plus the mere creation of it is regarded by several a turning point within the automotive history.

The creation of this supercar starts all the way from the thoughts with the popular F1 vehicle designer Gordon Murray, the supercar’s chief engineer. He’s also the one who made the Brabham Formula 1 cars. Gordon Murray drew his first sketch style of a 3-seater race vehicle while on his way to return home from the 1988 Italian Grand Prix. Immediately after completing the sketch, he submitted it to Ron Dennis. From this sketch is exactly where the dream of creating an ultimate road vehicle occurred. And with this, the manufacture of F1 cars from McLaren became the practice into accomplishing the dream. The output of the vehicle began in 1992 and lasted for six years. In the end with the car’s initial production, 106 F1 automobiles by McLaren had been manufactured, all have the same engine configuration but varying in the design.

The concept of style for this supercar is normal among the designs of other high-performance supercars focusing on two properties: the motor car becoming lightweight but high powered. The supercar’s blueprint shows its lightness, the streamline structure and use of modern day and high technologies like no other supercars have matched prior to.

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