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Really great findings from R6 Credits

We are very happy with how our balancing team has been working on our DLC operators more recently. We had some really great findings from R6 Credits Ela and Lion about just how early [the balancing staff ] have to participate in the procedure, so we're starting to apply that to all our operators now. I think Alibi and Maestro are really excellent examples of this -- they came out and they could have been extremely powerful, but they are actually pretty balanced. We are starting to get more confident about introducing new operators to the meta, therefore when our gamers react really closely to [new operators], we know that every thing will be okay in a couple of days when they see the complete reveal.

 The decreased skills and positions are where gamers are catching up with all the high level play over a period of months, so we will see something happen in Pro League that's a complete shift in the meta, then we'll notice that trickle down to Diamond rank within days, then Silver and Gold after a week or two, and then even below that after a couple weeks.

So by balancing the sport at the maximum level, we are in a position to see the trickle down effect of the and how it affects all levels of play. Even if Copper and Bronze players aren't pro players, they're still able to understand from those gamers and find out different ways to apply what they are doing to their play.

So that feedback does not actually have a negative impact on us, but we do look at the opinions, share it, and when we see some very well-constructed opinions on a gadget or feature then we go to our balance team and show them exactly what the gamers are saying. The buy Rainbow Six Siege Credits nice thing about getting this open platform is that we may talk to them all about it, talk them through what the gamers are thinking, and then figure out how best to bring everybody to a mutual comprehension of our goals and desires. I think our designers' notes that we're releasing a year are a result of that.