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Poe Items For Trade For Similar Items Before Asking

We would also like to look at the way curses work. Ultimately, we want to rebalance them entirely with a particular focus on their effectiveness against bosses - making them stronger against bosses while minimising the difference in their effectiveness against boss and non-boss enemies. Again, this is part of a much larger rework and not possible to do immediately but it's something that's on our radar.

Our testing of these balance changes so far has gone well and there are several ignite-focused builds that are now more enjoyable to level and more effective in end-game content. We are going to continue to test these changes internally and solicit feedback during Alpha testing which means some of the values mentioned in this post may still be subject to change. However, this should give you an overview of where we are at poe buy currency with ignite and our plans for the future.

When asking for a price check, please include what league the poe item is on! Also, please try searching poe items for trade for similar items before asking what an item might be worth. The post then should contain a direct link to an image showing the item in question.

I dont see anything in here that would help a caster besides +gems. even for a bow build it has very low dps. usually you want anything over 250. crit strick chance is ok 7 is usually max sk that's not so bad. all in all I would vendor it tbh.. I dont see it selling .