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Poe Currency Trade In Chat Spam And Memes

Nope, need for explaining joke kills it, not the process itself. You will be shocked, but not everyone participate in chat spam and memes and many have no idea what most of the canonic emotes means. Not ever saying that twitch emotes outside of specific twitch community or chat are not funny, but cringe. Just like saying "lol/rofl/wtf etc" IRL. Part of attracting new viewers lies in very moderate use of local memes.

That sounds like any sort of abbrieviation is cringy to you though.. how the hell is etc cringy? poe currency buy lol for that matter, it's existed as a part of the internet for so long not understanding or being able to extract any sort of positive meaning out of it makes you the outlier and not even remotely someone a streamer would want to attract as a portion of their audience. I'm someone who typically types out fully the majority of my thoughts, but not being able to not view "lol" as cringe when it's someone quickly expressing they think something was funny is kind of on the extreme end of it.

I don't even remotely participate in twitch chat memes and what you're saying is so foreign to me, even if say half of the twitch viewers aren't indoctrinated into twitch memes, the amount of people that can't take something positive away from a simple lol or can't read a etc without cringing is a very small portion of the gaming + internet community and no streamer would benefit from that kind of advice.

I mean I'm probably mostly overreacting and all you're trying to say is that a chat that's nothing but full of twitch memes an nothing else is harmful to bringing in people not as familiar with twitch, in which poe currency purchase I agree with you, but you're probably not the person to be arguing that when the afforrmentioned words cause you issues.