Path of Exile: Three Common Arrow Types

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Path of Exile: Three Common Arrow Types

If you have not played a bow character, then sharpnel shot vs ice shot vs lightning arrow, you should understand the benefits/cons of the three common arrow aoe types? Also, do build using the above use barrage as a defacto single target?

Shrapnel shot has good single Target but mediocre clear. Ice shot and lightning arrow have pretty good clear bad bad single Target. With barrage in the game, I don't think shrapnel compares well on a "normal" bow char. But it is really cool on a trapper (my opinion obviously.) Between ice shot and lightning arrow it comes down to preference. I like lightning arrow more, because it doesn't matter if the strong mob is hit before or after the trash.

Shrapnel shot is what you go for when you only want to use 1 skill for both clear and single target. LA is what you go for when you want maximum clear and can't afford TS helm enchant but you are ok with having a second single target setup. Ice shot is basically a slightly weaker version of LA that will freeze everything so would be a "safer" option for a build. And please enjoy cheap poe orbs and PoE Items for trade on our site.

Shrapnel shot works for clearing, but isn't as great imo as lightning arrow, still works okay if you really wanna do it, mainly used for single target. Ice shot is pretty good, one of the downsides is the lag it causes especially in maps with lots of monsters, upsides are the defense you get thanks to chilling ground it provides. Lightning arrow is over all best of these 3 for clearing imo.

Bows usually use barrage as single target, reason why shrapnel isn't used too much is due to it "needing" the jewels, even with them barrage is strictly better. If you love Path Of Exile as much as we all do here at U4GM. Be sure to have a look at our POE Currency Trade Special Offers.