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Path of Exile: Frost Bomb Traps

One Player said his league starter will be sunblast frost bomb traps, and he not sure what he should run besides that. So he has an idea - he drop a set of traps or a few for a rare and then just keep going through the pack as bombs explode. Is he doing this right? Bear in mind that if you are in need of currency, we offer a huge selection of Path of Exile unique items with different sockets and links. We also have packs with different amounts of PoE Currency cheap.

In my opinion, you just throw frost bomb traps followed by Ice Trap. Or alternatively, you run Kitava's Feast with Frost Bomb in the helm and use high cost ice traps (or whatever other cold damage trap you want)If you really want frost bomb traps, you would want to do frost bomb traps + Siphoning trap. Throw one of each run and repeat. At U4GM, you will able to buy cheap PoE Exalted Orb.

Frost bomb, when applied by traps, can actually have multiple active at the same time. That said, trap+frost bomb is largely inferior to just using 6L ice trap + frost bomb to debuff. Trap gem cooldown = 4 seconds, Ice trap has a default of 2 second (in 3.2), in 3.3 it'll likely be 0 like explosive trap, fire trap, and lightning trap. The trap support gem should be reserved for secondary links as another way to deal damage when your main trap is on cooldown, or for harder hitting spells like slower proj Ball lightning, or Conc effect firestorm.

This turns a spell like ball lightning into a hard hitting boss killer, where you can still have your main 6L for your lightning trap setup for clearing and you'll be able to alternate between traps to decimate bosses equally as well as a miner. This still works pretty well in 3.2 even before the major trap buffs, if you have a 6L tinkerskin and 2 shimmerons, feel free to go ham with it. Each time you throw a trap you can deal 500k+ shaper damage, since you throw 5 traps at once with an average of 100k+ per trap, potentially even more with ball lightning since it can hit 5+ times each.