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None of this would be to Rs gold

None of this would be to Rs gold state that Jagex will never add an area told Old School unless it is currently in RuneScape 3. In 2016, the studio opened the doorways to some brand-spanking-new continent: Zeah, significantly expanding the map.

"The players want to observe areas have their tales developed, so we introduced a new continent," Bridges clarifies. "They would like to know why this place is because it is, and they wish to know its history, so that is our continuing story. There are five houses fighting over a town, Great Kourend, and we have published quests--smallish ones--for low level players, covering all those homes. Two more are still to Buy Osrs gold come. Once you've done them all and learned the background of each home, you'll be able to move forward and find out what they're going to do next. The houses are fighting to ensure their man gets to be the next monarch, but we're doing this slowly."

Bridges and Ogilvie admit, however, that the majority of the players who care about fresh tales get their fix with RuneScape 3, where the majority of new narrative content gets added. Watching the history of the world develop more than is a bonus, but a good deal of what the staff does is add more PvE challenges and ability upgrades. That doesn't mean gamers are nudged in any specific instructions, though. Old School RuneScape is a freewheeling sandbox, giving it a wide appeal that endures despite its era.

"If somebody would like to just log in the sport and fight monsters and level up skills, they can," Ogilvie says. "If they wish to jump in and perform quests, they could spend hours just doing quests, rather than do any skills in any way. It's all completely optional. There is a whole bunch of mini-games to perform, or you'll be able to get stuck into PvP right away."