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ANKARA [url=http://www.tigersauthoritystore.com/cameron-maybin-jersey-c-30/]Cameron Maybin Jersey[/url] , July 16 (Xinhua) -- A total of 38 Georgian students wereinjured early Sunday when the bus carrying them overturned in theTurkish Black Sea province of Giresun.

The bus, carrying a Georgian children's dance troupe, wastravelling from Georgia to Bulgaria via Turkey when it went off theroad and crashed into a lighting pole, state-run Anadolu Agencyreported.

Rescue crew and firefighters from Giresun and the neighboringprovince of Trabzon were immediately dispatched to the scene.

The injured, most of which were children, were taken to nearbyhospitals in Giresun and Trabzon for treatment. So far, 16 of themwere discharged after receiving medical care, the report said.Enditem

AMMAN, July 5 (Xinhua) -- Jordan welcomed on Wednesday a resolution by UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) refuting Israeli claims in occupied East Jerusalem, state-run Petra news agency reported.

"The decision was the result of relentless diplomatic efforts by Jordan under the leadership of King Abdullah II of Jordan, which protects the holy Islamic and Christian sites in Jerusalem," said Mohammad Momani, Jordan's Minister of State for Media Affairs.

Jordan will continue to exert its utmost efforts to protect the holy sites including Al Aqsa Mosque, he added.

"The resolution stresses the need that Israeli halts all violations and practices in the old town of Jerusalem and in the surroundings of Al Aqsa Mosque," Momani noted.

Earlier on Tuesday, Palestine and Jordan presented a bid called "The Old City of Jerusalem and its Walls" to the World Heritage Committee of the UNESCO that is meeting in the Polish city of Krakow.

The bid was approved at the 41st session of the committee, where 10 UNESCO member states voted in favor, three opposed and eight abstained.

UNESCO has so far passed 19 decisions regarding the issue of Jerusalem, all of which recognize the historical status of the holy city before it was occupied by Israel in 1967.

Xi says China supports EU to be "united, stable, prosperous, open"

Xi arrives in Berlin for state visit to Germany

China, Russia pledge to play role of ballast stone for world peace

Flooded area in C China's Hunan

Weekly choices of Xinhua photo

In pics: sea of vervain in terraced fields in E China

Fireworks show held to mark HK's 20th return anniversary

Water level of Ganjiang River rises due to lasting rainstorm

What is E-Learning?

E-Learning goes by many different names:
• global training
• distance learning
• online software training
• online IT training
• computer software training
• virtual training
• web based training
• virtual web training
• e-learning online
• WBT’s
• CBT’s
• computer based training

If you are searching for a way to provide your learners training in an easily accessible, cost-efficient manner, then you most likely will be interested in e-learning.

Wikipedia defines it as: “E-learning (or eLearning) is the use of electronic media and information and communication technologies (ICT) in education”. And, more specifically, e-learning uses technology (mainly the internet) to present training to learners. E-learning is primarily self-paced which progresses forward based upon the learner’s response. The learner can take the e-learning at any timeanywhere as long as they have access to the technology. This is a huge advantage for distance learning and global training.

There are many delivery methods of training. Some are:
• Instructor in a classroom (instructor-led training).
• Virtual web-based training web conferencing, videoconferencing or online collaboration with an instructor.
• Instructor is actually instructing the learner how to perform hisher daily tasks, for instance.

And, e-learning is just one of those methods. Click here for some samples at Global e-Learning’s site.

Benefits of E-Learning

There are many benefits of e-learning over traditional training methods. Here are just a few:
1. Reduced costs
2. Faster deliveryon-demand
3. Sends a consistent message
4. More effective learning
5. Lower environmental impact (going green while saving green)

Reduced Costs: In addition to lower delivery costs there is a strong argument that e-learning is more cost-effective because there is a reduction in training time known as learning compression. This is because the single largest cost of training in organizations is the cost of staff attending the training course, rather than the direct delivery costs in terms of trainers, course materials, travel and accommodation. E-learning can deliver benefits by reducing the time it takes to train people because:

• Learners can go at their own pace, not at the pace of the slowest member of a group.
• Time in classrooms can be spent on questions and topics introduced by other delegates.
• Less social interaction time.
• Less time to startwrap up a learning session.
• Less travel time to a training event.
• Learners can skip elements of a program they don’t need

A huge amount of savings can be calculated from not having to travel or spend time away from work when implementing e-learning. In addition, e-learning is virtually free once you reach the break-even point of development hours. Synchronous programs will have continued costs associated with the instructor managing the class.

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