M82A1 Barrett 50 Cal Rare 33" Barrel $8000

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M82A1 Barrett 50 Cal Rare 33" Barrel $8000

Up for sale M82A1 Barrett Semi Automatic 50BMG

Very Rare Find even in CONUS

Low serial #: 607 (107th Civillian Rifle made)

Birdsong Black T coating (Original)

33" barrel is a Batten Performance Engines chem etch barrel (Original)

Original M107 Issued Scope  (as per Barrett because they were unmarked when made) Swarovski straight 10 power Christmas tree crosshair. (Original)

2 11rd 50BMG Magazines (Original)

Pelican Case (Original)

I had my fun with it, and it's not practical for me. The value of this gun will keep on rising as it ages.

Brief history
The first 100 barrett rifles were made basically as test weapons. the next 200 (200-399) were made as a first run military only type production. The first "consumer" run SN# started at 400 back in 1982 or 1983...somewhere in there. This weapon...is #607. making it the 107th gun off the line for purchase in the M82A1 market.

Firm Price $8,000 Cash
Text 864-4826 if interested. $8000 is my minimum. Currently have this listed on auction, and may sell for $11,000 to a collector.