Just How Does U4gm.com Sale Cheap POE Currency Work

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Just How Does U4gm.com Sale Cheap POE Currency Work

The is really an Ahk that teaches you what tier the rolls of individuals products come with an example: 6 t1 Rolls like triple res, life, armour and corporation armour will be a mirror tier item. Download the Ahk here

let's focus on general price, when the poe items has low rolls I have seen too many people ask 10 life 10 light fire cold res if it is worth anything it is simply upright vendor trash, make use of the Ahk to be aware what tier off rolls the product has. Don't even make use of a lot of t4 or lower products.

Once you have done might have like 2 t1 rolls and a pair of t3 rolls Visit u4gm or both of them are thirdthird-partyng and selling sites where one can search for products to trade but additionally see around what cost yours is. For the time being poe.trade is slow and it has still products on the website which have been offered 20min ago, I've not attempted another site yet but people confirmed it really works better then poe.trade does for the time being.

Just how does U4gm.com Sale Cheap POE Currency work with cost checking? let us if you have a belt with 3 t1 rolls, t1 existence t1 fire res and t1 cold res (you realize this out of your ahk/learned them from your mind) visit ''type'' and choose belt.a and base, the bottom hour belt is, for instance, huge belt. then you definitely scroll lower to mods press and add ''to maximum life'' and press min:90 (t1 existence starts at 90 as much as 99) add another mod, this time around ''#% to fireplace res'' and min: 46 (t1 res start at 46 as much as 48) Do that for cold also. scroll a mid more lower (press alt on ur item to determine the product lvl) at itemlvl do ur item lvl in the min box. let us say 84. now simply press enter and find out in which the prices start, most likely around 40c or something like that in cases like this, so do not list ur belt up for 10c or something like that.