Hunting Deer/Pigs on Guam

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Hunting Deer/Pigs on Guam

Hey guys, new (ish) to the island and looking into doing some deer/pig hunting. I need some clarification on a couple things in regards to the hunting regulations, (New hunting regs 09GAR002-11, link below), it states...

Section 11122 - "Centerfire rifles of .223 caliber or greater may be used only in the Bolanos Conservation Reserve. Only commercial bullets of the expanding type may be used. Ammunition using military bullets either altered or unaltered, is not allowed".

So as for my questions...

1. Is it even worth it to hunt in the Bolanos Reserve with an AR-15 (5.56) or should I just take a 12 Gauge w/slugs and be able to go more places?
    1b. Ive tried looking everywhere for a (current) hunting area map of guam, so if anyone knows of where to get one, that would be much appreciated.

2. Does the Bolanos Reserve have a decent amount of deer/pigs within it, or am I most likely wasting my time hunting in there?

3. I was told by a gun shop owner just last week that it was "legal" to hunt on private land with an AR-15 (5.56), is this true?

Also, If there's anyone planning on going on a hunt in about 3 weeks (waiting for my firearm license to come back), and don't mind taking an experienced Elk/Deer hunter along so I can "learn the Guam ropes", I'd GREATLY appreciate it! I know a few guys at work that would be interested as well....  so maybe a hunting party?

Thanks in advance!

Link to Guam DOA Hunting Regulations -