He Exposed Path Of Exile To An Entirely New Audience

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He Exposed Path Of Exile To An Entirely New Audience

I often disagree with him (not using the past tense until he stops doing Cooptional), but that's part of what I like about him. His in-depth reviews and the breadth of his experience mean that I can make up my own mind about the games he reviews. I never much cared about the options screens the way he does, and I don't dislike puzzle games the way he does, but he could review a puzzle game with no options menu and still deliver more useful information to me than any 10 other reviewers stacked up.

I started playing path after watching his video some years ago, before twitch was what it is now(The far more common way to check out a game and hear an educated opinion on it). This is very sad. My thoughts are with him and his family. Thanks TB. Thanks for finding my favourite game for me and poe currency cheap, and for everything else.

Yea im not a fan of his politics or behaviour outside of games. Sucks for the guy though but he is quite hypocritical. It doesnr help every gaming subreddit is posting about TB and fanning the circlejerk. Its all quite "main stream media" as if some famous musician was dying. I also dont understand everyone here idolizing him and asking for items or characters of him be added to the game.

He exposed Path of Exile to an entirely new audience. The first time I heard about Path of Exile was from his video back in the day. He's been a big voice in the gaming community pushing back as hard as he can against bad buisness practices.

Is he perfect? No, he's obviously done some pretty shameful things. But who hasn't? No one is perfect. And we all behave like absolute assholes somtimes, the difference is that when we do it hundreds of thousands of people are not there to see it.

The people in this and other threads on Reddit aren't praising him based on his personality or past behaviour. But are instead basing their praise on his professional work. He's a good critic, a beloved content creator and a pillar of the "Gaming community". And that's all that really matters at the end of the day poe items for trade.