Green Laser & 4 Color NAV LED w/QR Mount/ TAN or Black. $130.00

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Green Laser & 4 Color NAV LED w/QR Mount/ TAN or Black. $130.00
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Contact George Cabrera @ 929-4789.

Green Laser & 4 Color NAV LED w/QR Mount/ TAN.

 .• Fully adjustable Green Laser on the Left Pod that can be activated in
 three different ways: 45 degree angled Momentary Switch, Push
 buttons On/Off switch, or the included Remote Pressure Switch.

• Right Pod is 4 Color LED NAV lights: White, Red, Green, and Blue
 LED lights
 • 4 Color LED NAV lights can be selected by top mounted 4 color rotary
 switch. LED NAV lights can be activated in three different ways: 45
 degree angled Momentary Switch, Push button On/Off switch, or the
 included Remote Pressure Switch.
 • LED NAV lights are for maneuvering in the Dark. Lower powered
 lighting helps preserves users night vision and their ability for their
 eyes to see in the dark. Supplements bright Tactical lights, which may
 be too bright to use for Navigation.

Includes a Two Position Remote Pressure Switch. The 3.5 mini jack plugs into the rear jack port of the Designator box. The Green Laser and the NAV LED lights can be individually activated from the remote pressure switch.
 Locking Quick Release Mount fits: Weaver/ Picatinny/ MIL-STD 1913 type rails.

Tan Powder Coated Aluminum Body.
 Powered by 3 Volt Lithium Batteries (CR123A included) for Longer Battery Life.

Includes: Remote Pressure Switch, Battery, and adjustment tools.