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Games > Video GameCosplay VR Porn Turns to Video Games for Inspiration
Posted by Laurasmith21 in Games on February 5th [url=http://www.cheapnfljerseysvikings.com/laquon-treadwell/]Laquon Treadwell Hat[/url] , 2018

Even if you’re not a gamer, there will still be some video games that you know and even possibly love. Maybe you grew up playing games like Grand Theft Auto or Super Mario, or perhaps it was another game. It doesn’t matter which game or console you used, the point is there’s a feeling of ‘connection’ with these games and they can always invoke a certain nostalgia when brought up. It could be the scenery, the characters, the gameplay, or just the general mood of the game that makes us feel a certain way.

Play a game long enough and it’s possible that you develop a kind of relationship with the hero or heroin on your screen. An example of this would be the love for Street Fighter and Soul Calibur. Many people have a real soft spot for Cammy and Ivy Valentine. While they are animated characters, people still develop a ‘crush’ on the girls. They are visually attractive with catchy voice lines to go along with the characters. Even virtual reality studios and producers are embracing video games as part of their cosplay genre. Of course, it’s not just video games that are being used as source material – it’s comic books, movies, Tv shows and more.

The Cosplay Effect

So, for those who don’t know much about it, cosplay is where people of all ages and from all walks of life, dress up as their favorite fictional characters. This includes video games, comic books, movies, TV shows and more.

Cosplay became a thing back in the early 1980’s and has since spawned a legion of loyal and dedicated participants (fans). There’s tons of conventions for like-minded cosplayers to attend and connect, such as the famous Comic Con convention. Last years iteration was held in San Diego and attracted almost 200,000 attendees. Yes, it’s a big deal and it’s only getting bigger. As the video game industry continues to grow every year, so does the hobby of cosplaying.

VR Porn Taking a Page Out of the Cosplay Manual

It makes perfect sense if you think about it. Virtual reality is very much about fantasy and taking a trip away from the real world, which is exactly what cosplay has been doing for decades. Both VR porn and cosplay are heavily rooted in fantasy sexuality, and cosplay works to break down boundaries between the real and the imagined.

That’s why it’s no surprise that virtual reality porn studios have been creating scenes that involve our favorite video game, comic book or movie characters to great success. One such studio – VRCosplayX – is dedicated to just the cosplay genre, featuring videos starring Cammy from Street Fighter (my fav), D.VA from Overwatch, and Princess Zelda.

Of course, they haven’t stopped there, with their video catalogue extending to comic books, movies and popular anime series. Harry Potter, Pokemon, Suicide Squad, Star trek, Wonder Woman, Pocahontas and many more have been repurposed for erotic adult entertainment via cosplay Porn.

VRCosplayX is a part of parent company BaDoinkVR, and has been producing videos since the beginning of 2017. The current catalogue offers over sixty-five cosplay VR porn videos and therefore gives viewers the ability to make some of their cosplay fantasies come true in virtual. Had a crush on Storm from X-Men? Well she’s there in VR, ready to ‘make your day’ (or night) in the naughtiest of ways. Cosplay adds a shot of fun to VR porn and gives viewers something different. It celebrates imagination and creativity, while fulfilling a sort of ‘desire’ that would normally remain unattainable.

For those that are interested in checking out what the blend of cosplay and adult VR looks like you can check out VRSmash, or directly from the various studio websites. Adult VR content is definitely one of the reasons why the technology is getting so popular and is becoming an unavoidable topic when talking about virtual reality and immersion.

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RIO DE JANEIRO, July 17 (Xinhua) -- Vasco da Gama have been ordered to play six home matches at a neutral venue after the death of a fan earlier this month, a Brazilian sports tribunal ruled on Monday.

A panel of three judges ruled that Vasco were partly to blame for violent clashes between fans following Vasco's 1-0 defeat to Flamengo at the Sao Januario stadium in Brazil's Serie A championship on July 8.

Davi Rocha Lopes, 27, died after being shot in the neck while two other supporters also suffered gunshot wounds.

Flamengo were fined 5,000 Brazilian reais (around 1,500 US dollars) for the unruly behaviour of their fans, the superior court of sports justice (STJD) said in a statement.

Vasco and Flamengo are both expected to appeal.

STJD said the ruling had no bearing on a decision last week to indefinitely close the San Januario stadium.

The tragedy is the latest in a long list of violent episodes in Brazilian football.

At least 20 football fans have died in the South American country since 1997 because of violence at stadiums, according to the Globo newspaper.

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