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When your ex girlfriend leaves you for someone else [url=]Carl Nassib Jersey[/url] , it is an extremely painful situation to be in. And one thing that is probably first in your mind right now is: How do I get her back? Is there even any HOPE that she will ever want to be with me again?

The answer is yes, there is hope. The key is to understand this simple nugget of wisdom that will enable you to heal your relationship with your ex girlfriend. Here it is:

The best way to fix a relationship is by focusing on the positive. This is where so many people fail at successfully reuniting with an ex. They're so caught up in the destructive thoughts, their differences, and what drives them apart instead of what brings them together.

If there is one key to a good relationship, it is PASSION.

If you truly love someone, you feel passion for that person. You WANT to be with them. You love spending time with them because they make you feel like you're on fire.

Do you feel that way with your ex girlfriend? If the answer is yes, then chances are, she feels that way about you, too.

So when you have PASSION in your relationship, all the other things that led to your breakup in the first place disappear. Sure, you'll still have problems down the road - every couple does. But those problems will seem a lot less important when you focus on making the passion and connection in your relationship the most important part of it.

The short answer is: YES there is hope to get your ex girlfriend back. It makes no difference who she is seeing right now. In fact, forgetting about the fact that she is with another guy at all will go a long way towards getting her interested in you again after a breakup, because you will be focused on HER, not on the fact that she is with someone else. And pretty soon, you will be her "new guy" again.

And here's one other tip: a small, intimate date where you talk about your shared PASSIONS, whatever they may be, will go miles towards healing your relationship. Sitting down and rehashing all the things that led to the affair, or the breakup, or whatever... that will drive you farther apart.

So if you remember nothing else, remember that you absolutely must focus on passion in your relationship, and increasing the spark between you. Figure out topics that you both love discussing - and it doesn't matter whether or not you agree. (In fact, if you don't agree on some topics, that will lead to intelligent, stimulating discussions... which lead to PASSION in the bedroom.)
by Xinhua writers Yi Ling, Li Kun

BEIJING, Nov. 21 (Xinhua) -- Despite its distance from the world's largest market, New Zealand, with vast flocks of sheep, is poised to plug the rapidly growing demand for the high-protein red meat in China.


At a meat processing plant in Lorneville, in the heart of New Zealand's South Island, workers are heaving more than 600 sheep carcasses into a long row of waiting reefer containers. The load will end up being served as choice lamb cuts on Chinese dinner tables.

The plant belongs to the Alliance Group, a farmer-owned co-operative and one of New Zealand' s leading meat exporters. From Lorneville, the containers will be transported by rail to nearby Port Chalmers, loaded onto a Maersk Line vessel and delivered via transhipment to the world's biggest market for sheep meat in just over 20 days.

Murray Brown, general manager of marketing for the Alliance Group, said sheep meat, particularly lamb, is a popular choice with Chinese consumers, who consider Kiwi-produced food products to be of a high quality and freshness.

Fuelled by the 2008 China-New Zealand Free Trade Agreement, bilateral trade has grown at an unprecedented speed. The trade between the two countries rose to 12.39 billion U.S. dollars in 2013, with imports from New Zealand exceeding 8.25 billion U.S. dollars, a year-on-year increase of 42 percent, mainly dairy food, meat and lumber. China is now New Zealand's largest trading partner.

Gerard Morrison, managing director of the New Zealand branch of Maersk Line, the world's largest container shipping company, has witnessed the "remarkable change".

"The increase has been massive," said Morrison. "Since 2005, meat volume to China has grown by 500 percent, whereas in the dairy segment the growth is close to 800 percent."

Maersk Line and the Alliance Group signed a long-term service contract recently. The deal will see the former as the principal carrier of the Alliance Group' s annual 4,800 TEUs (20-foot equivalent units) of frozen sheep meat, which is discharged in north China's Dalian port, before being further processed and sold through wholesale or retail channels throughout the vast country.

In addition, Brown sees chilled meat as the next potential growth surge for trade in China, where the evolution of the middle class means that sophisticated and seasoned shoppers -- those able and willing to pay a premium for quality -- will soon emerge as the dominant force.

Because of its freshness and quality, chilled lamb commands a premium price. However, the products have a shorter shelf life and require careful temperature control during storing and transportation. At the moment, due to regulatory controls and a lack of proper infrastructure, New Zealand meat exporters are not shipping chilled products to China.

"Right now most of our China exports involve high-value frozen sheep meat. China is a volume market at the moment. The next aspiration for this trade is probably to look for value such as chilled lamb," he said.

"As China' s middle class grows with rapid rural to urban population migration, the demand for higher-value products will be there when consumers have more disposable income in the coming years. Regulatory authorities will have to allow for chilled meat to be imported, which will open new opportunities for us."


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