Anthem's combat is well-refined and infectious

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Anthem's combat is well-refined and infectious

BioWare built its name by creating story-focused, single-player role-playing game series like Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age, Baldur’s Gate, and Mass Effect. These games led many of us, myself included, to become smitten with BioWare as a studio.The stories of these games are engrossing, but the people whom I met, befriended, and fought alongside me throughout the adventure matter just as much. BioWare games tend to have memorable characters, bringing them into the player’s party and having them propel the story forward. So many of the classic BioWare decisions that work, like morality and party management, work because of the characters.

For a brief period after Anthem’s day-one patch went live on February 21, players noticed the game had gotten extremely generous with its loot drops. Then that went away. The game’s lead producer, Ben Irving, eventually took to Anthem’s subreddit to explain what had happened: The day-one patch had unintentionally buffed the drop rates for the game’s epic and masterwork gear. After confirming what had happened, BioWare proceeded to revert the drop rates back to their standard pre-day-one patch levels.

Alongside the loot gameplay, Anthem's combat is well-refined and infectious, taking the best of Mass Effect's third-person shooting and combining it with some impressive and intuitive flight mechanics, making you feel like Iron Man. The game's four archetype classes offer hugely divergent playstyles, and within each class, you can customize your skills even further, with an array of unique weapons and other abilities. Working with your teammates in squads up of up to four players, you can pull off explosive combos which lay waste to large areas of enemies, crucial for overcoming some of the game's more difficult content. The game is also absolutely stunning and is undoubtedly one of the best-looking games on Xbox and PC today. By the way, you can buy cheap Anthem Shard Pack from, where you can enjoy a 3% discount by using the code “ MMOCSVIP ”.

Anthem - and you would be forgiven for not realising this, as the game itself does not appear to fully understand it - is not really about guns at all. They're there, you can shoot them and collect them, but they are not the stars of the show. These are the Javelins, the four mech suits you collect over the course of the game, in the order of your choosing, which serve as Anthem's character classes. They're all capable of rocket-propelled flight, and they all have unique abilities - two 'gear' slots, a melee attack, an ultimate and a combo effect - that are far more effective and more important to the combat than the guns.

The Sentinels are essentially the ruling class in Anthem. They are the commanders, the decision makers, and where the blame falls if things go awry. As a Freelancer, you will be working to make the Sentinels see you as a solid and reliable contributor to Fort Tarsis’ survival and prosperity. To up your loyalty with the Sentinels, look out for harvestable rocks and plants that drop glowing crafting material. Harvesting this material is not only good for crafting but for increasing your loyalty with Sentinels.