Anthem Glitch Discovered That Lets Players Buff And Infinitely Heal

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Anthem Glitch Discovered That Lets Players Buff And Infinitely Heal

Anthem, the dead horse that keeps on giving no matter how many times you clobber it with a stick. Not a bad game, but definitely not an exciting, complete or structurally sound game. Now granted, video games by design are small miracles. The fact that Anthem can be a relatively smooth experience is no minor feat when you see all the balls that it has to juggle is nothing short of impressive.

"It was not our intent to leave things out, but during the work of getting the update out the door some things were missed," explained Anthem community manager Darokaz. "The community posts pointing out the things that were missing allowed me to go back to the team and verify what was missing or what might be a bug, so thank you for that everyone!" Some of the changes were, in fact, bugs. There were no nerfs planned, so any items with decreased values should be considered bugs.

Unfortunately, those few bright spots have quickly been overshadowed by even more glitches, some of which are game-breaking. The first, which was discovered by redditor MustacheSwagBag, is a bug that provides an infinite supply of health to players using the Storm Javelin. When playing the Storm, players simply need to swap weapons just before triggering their ultimate ability, canceling it. That cancelation will fully restore health and shields, though, alongside resetting the cooldown on the jetpack. Best and Cheapest Anthem Coins For Sale -

The next one is another scaling problem, similar to the overpowered level 1 rifle from a little while ago. This one has to do with how your javelin's strength for some abilities is calculated, which apparently relates to averaging the power level of all your gear. Not all gear comes in the highest power available, however, so this means you can actually make yourself more powerful by paradoxically removing gear. In practice, this means that players tricked out with masterworks can raise the average of their gear by removing the relatively underpowered support ability. The game doesn't count the empty spot at all, rather than count it as a zero, and so your average goes up. It removes some tactical options, but raw power usually wins the day anyway.

Indeed, the sense of progression and growth is one of the most important parts of a loot shooter. A javelin is meant to be a powerful tool and an expression of a Freelancer’s personality. Hopefully, BioWare can tweak their systems to make equipping a javelin much more satisfying. Briefly, a bug in Anthem caused players to earn above average amounts of Masterwork and Legendary items. However, much to players' chagrin, the loot buff was quickly rectified with a rather large update, Patch 1.0.3.