A Lot Of It Is Investing More Into Maps In Path Of Exile

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A Lot Of It Is Investing More Into Maps In Path Of Exile

If it makes any difference, seeing you rip to reflect every league is a highlight for my depressing life. Just knowing that the top reply will be that poe orbs cheap and all, it's like a lunar festival of sorts.

Who the hell do you think you kids are? Kripp is a professional children's card game streamer and mobile games salesman, and you think you can just come in his chat and criticize him and his plays like you know something he doesn't? Get real. Maybe if you ate your veggies like my boy Kripp, you'd have the brainpower to make crazy split-second analytical decisions that can beat the other kids on the playground. Show some fucking respect.

A lot of it is investing more into maps. When I played windripper in abyss and actually ran breach+sextanted maps I had 21 exalted and a mirror drop by the end of the league (mirror was very early in, I used it to start up vault farming). Of course you wont get a mirror but the exalted will be there. This league I've only done life rf and I've had 3 exalted drop with 5 days ingame farming red elders and reef octopuses.

I "calculated" the amount of time it takes to get as a drop at one point based on how many exalteds a "good" player gets and the general drop rates or something like that. If I remember correctly, you should get one every ~5k hours spent on playing. If you play more casually or the not-top-speed builds, you can probably double or even quadruple that time.

Also, please try searching poe items for trade for similar items before asking what an item might be worth. The post then should contain a direct link to an image showing the item in question.